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Defining Your Search Criteria:

Upon sign up, you'll create a resume 'meta agent' that watches 6 job sites for new daily resumes which match your search criteria.   When a resume matches your search criteria it is emailed to you along with any other matching resumes from other sites.   You can define your search criteria by:

Geographic Location Restrict resumes by area code or state.   Specify up to 6 geographic parameters, even mix and match states and area codes.

Keywords:  Enter keywords that must be present on resumes.   Optionally use OR and AND to match multiple keywords.

You have the option to create up to 3 agents, each matching a different set of criteria that you define.  Each agent will send you up to 20 resumes per day!   

Delete your agents at any time and replace them with new ones that match an all new set of criteria.








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