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Jobs Sites Included:

Each morning, your meta agents will search these popular job sites:

PAID sites included:
You'll receive resumes from paid sites without the need to purchase an expensive long-term membership package.   
Jobs For Programmers
Since 1995, a leader in programmer recruiting.  Candidates commonly have skills that include: C++, Visual Basic, Java, and Cobol
Jobs For Networkers
A great source for recruiting networking engineers and systems admins.   Skill sets include: Novell, Cisco, CNE, Win2000, AS/400.
Jobs For Database Pros
At last - a job site for recruiting DBAs and database professionals.    Skills include: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, and Access.
With entry portals for medical, nursing, engineering, financial, and accounting - this is one of the top sites for jobs of any kind.
sites included:
Sure, you could access these resumes yourself for free, but our service enhances these sites by overcoming some key limitations of each:
Packed with free resumes, but has two shortcomings: 1) no keyword search, and 
2) no email delivery.  We solve both problems!
A free site with no email delivery.  We deliver this site's resumes to you and bypass the need to enter a resume each time you search.
Unlike the recruiters who directly subscribe to the site's distribution list, you'll be able to filter it's resumes by keyword and location.
A top techie resume distribution sdervice, unlike free recruiter-users - you'll be able to filter it's resumes by keyword and location.   





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