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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the $29 a "per month" fee or is it a one time fee?
A: It's a monthly subscription fee. However, you can just purchase a single month (all by itself) if you want to - there is no long term commitment. Your total expense is $29, and this fee is even refundable for any reason.

Q: Why is the cost of this service so LOW?
A:Job sites (really any busy website) pay large fees for bandwidth, especially relating to traffic during peak daytime hours. Our site works by sending you resumes late at night (so that they will available to you the next morning). Because of this, and through our cooperation with our 8 partner job sites, we are able to provide all of the same resumes using only a fraction of the daytime bandwidth and computer infrastructure. The bottom line . . . this site is one of the very best recruiting deals online, and with our 30 day refund - we are able to offer all of this with minimal risk to our customers.

Q: How many resumes will my meta agents filter?
A: About 3,000 new resumes monthly from all 8 job sites combined.

Q: I don't have to read that many resumes, do I?
A: No. Your resume agents filter the 3,000 resumes per month and only give you the ones that match your search criteria. When you purchase your subscription, you'll find an interactive guide that tells you approximately how many resumes you'll receive per week based on the criteria that you entered.

Q: What kinds of candidates are these?
A: Several of these job sites focus entirely on IT resumes.  These are exclusively proactive candidates who go out of their way to post their resume. and encompass candidates of every career field.  Resumes from are 'spidered' from the web, as opposed to being posted by the candidate themselves.

Q: Can I have a free trial before I decide to purchase?
A: We don't give free trials, but our 30 day refund gives you the same zero-risk protection
.   If you dont like our service, you can simply request a refund within your first 30 days.   A complete refund is given with no questions asked!

Q: Do you automatically renew my account?
A: No. If you want to continue using our service after the first month, you'll need to visit our site again to make another purchase.  We don't store your credit card information, and never charge you for anything without your knowing it or initiating it.

Q: Are there any long term commitments required?
A: No.  You just pay our nominal $29 single month subscription price to try out our resume delivery service.   If you like our service after that, you can purchase again.  

Q: How do I know this site is not a credit card SCAM?
A: This site is owned by JFP Resources LLC, located in Brookfield WI. We are the same company that owns and operates the Jobs For Programmers (PRGJOBS.COM) website. Our company has been operating online since 1996 and are older than the vast majority of all job sites currently on the internet. All of our credit card transactions are handled via SECURE SERVER and are processed through - a major global eCommerce processor. We are also a cerified GeoTrust Merchant, ensuring that your purchases are safe.

Q: Still have questions?
A: Feel free to CONTACT US and we'll be happy to answer any other questions that you might have.


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