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Over 6,000 employers have used our site in their quest to find programmers.   Browse through thousands of programmer jobs, even search for special jobs with sign-on bonuses, relocation funding, and 4-day work weeks.   Start here by posting your resume in our ProgrammerCentric format that showcases your programming skills like no-place else on the Internet.   A totally free service for Programmers .   


Cross-linked to hundreds of programming hang-outs on the web - your openings gain exposure to a 'cult-like' community of IT professionals.   In existence since 1995 - we're one of the oldest career sites, and one of the best according to Career X Road's recruiting guide for the year 2000.  Search 40,000 USA resumes. Connect your web site to this programmer 'grape vine' by letting us link to your site.

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Jobs For Programmers (JFP) was created in 1995 from within the IT community to assist software professionals in their search for opportunities. The entire emphasis of our site (and our staff) is to bring companies together with programmers and to help bring about a better understanding for recruiters of what Developers are all about.

For programmers, JFP offers a single source for the kinds of software opportunities they are looking for.   Programmers have the choice of viewing openings on our sites or on the prg.jobsNEWSGROUP   (the public Usenet bulletin board for development opportunities).    For programmers there is never a fee for our services.

For recruiters, JFP offers a pool of available Developers that is not duplicated elsewhere on the Internet. We have established a 'cult-like' following of programmers that consider our site the best and only method for shopping for jobs. JFP is well grafted to the 'grapevine' that exists within the IT community and, unlike other 'one-size-fits-all' career sites, the majority of our marketing targets programmer-oriented 'hang-outs' on the Internet for advertising. JFP is also seen in major Development print-publications such as Software Development Magazine. Our web site has built-in intelligence that understands IT terms, slang, and acronyms so that recruiters can find the kinds of professionals they need without being a IT expert themselves.  The JFP staff is a team of world-class recruiting-support representatives - each member of our support team has previously held career positions in client-server, Unix, and mainframe areas.


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